Support this project

Scarcity Zero is a project designed to help build a better future. It tackles big ideas, promotes big solutions, and asks big questions. Because of its mission and purpose, it will always be free of charge to access in an advertisement-free capacity, and as an open-source project will always remain free to reproduce or build from. But it is far from free to produce.

The framework is the result of tens of thousands of hours and as many dollars invested - paid gladly out of pocket to help reach a goal that is in all ways priceless. But its reach is only as extensive as the resources that can be devoted to its continuance and expansion. In order to truly bring these ideas to the forefront of our social conversation, we need the support of people like you to help expand its exposure.

There are three ways you can help support this project:

Spread the word

Share this project with your family, friends and coworkers. Start conversations about how technology can help solve the resource and ecological problems of our time. Make these ideas yours and become part of the solution. Please spread them on social media to your family and friends.

Sponsor a talk or event

As evangelicists for open-source technical solutions to long-vexing social problems, are especially excited about opportunities to work alongside like-minded nonprofits, enterprises with a public benefit focus, and public sector policy initatives. If opportunities arise to speak, run workshops or educate the public on how technology can make a positive social impact, please get in touch and we will work to coordinate how this can be best achieved.

Donate your time or resources

If you would like to donate to this project directly and help expand its mission, your generosity is greatly appreciated. At this point in time, our greatest need is within creative services specializing in 3D video animations of complex systems. If you or organizations you work with can donate these services, or wish to make a financial donation to help commission these from creative professionals, please get in touch.